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Data Protection

The Data Protection Act of 2001 imposed legal requirements on any legal entity processing personal data for business purposes. Anyone who processes personal data is referred to in the Act as a ‘data controller’ and those whose personal data is being processed are called ‘data subjects’. The data controller is required to notify the Commissioner for Data Protection about any personal data being processed as well as to comply with all the other requirements of the act. Data subjects have the right to complain or take legal action against data controllers if they believe their rights have been not been respected.

Kyte can help you to comply with all your legal requirements under the Act. We can carry out an audit of your data processing activities to identify gaps between your operation and the compliance requirements and then assist you to fill in these gaps. We can also act as your Personal Data Representative thus ensuring that you continually comply with the Act and have any advice you need only a phone call or email away. This service is provided for a very small yearly fee.

For more information about Data Protection refer to our resources section.

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