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Remote Gaming

Malta has become one of the most favoured jurisdictions for the establishment of a remote gaming operation. Malta’s popularity is based on the fact that it was the first EU country to draw up specific remote gaming regulations; it has a first class legal and IT infrastructure; a trained work force demanding competitive salaries; very reasonable office rent; and, overall quality of life and mild weather.


To set up in Malta you need someone set up locally with the right knowledge about the licensing process, and who is able to guide you and assist you from start to finish at the pace you want to. Kyte’s management and staff have been involved in the remote gaming industry since the year 2000 when the first operators set up locally. Kyte’s directors were the first to be accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority to carry out certification reviews. Kyte are still carrying out such reviews and are, therefore, fully knowledgeable about everything that is going on in the remote gaming industry in Malta.


Send an email to or call us at +356 2759 5000 and request a detailed proposal for a Remote Gaming License in Malta. Our team of iGaming Advisors is always ready to provide you with all the answers or clarifications that you may have.


Kyte is also an approved ISO27001:2013 Lead Auditor and can conduct security audits for regulators such as UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) who require such audits as part of licensing conditions. Send us an email or call to schedule a conference call and discuss your project.

In addition to full licensing assistance, Kyte can also prepare you for the certification review by carrying out a mock review before the actual one is carried out.


It is important to note that Kyte possess all the knowledge and expertise to assist you with all the remote gaming services you require internally. No services are outsourced. This ensures you keep one point of contact, but more importantly give you peace of mind that costs are fixed on the outset.

To find out more about the remote gaming licensing process you can visit our resources section on the website or contacts us for more information.

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