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IT Assurance

With its wealth of experience in Information Security, Kyte can assist you in a number of ways in ensuring the Integrity, Reliability and Confidentiality of your information systems.


Business Continuity Planning

 We assist clients in developing their own business continuity and disaster recovery plans from design up until implementation and testing. We have successfully completed projects in this area across a wide range of environments.

Many organisations think that employing the best people in the industry is key to the success of their company. But what happens if an unexpected event brings down your business? Do your people know how to recover your systems and business processes? Can you get back to business as usual in an acceptable time frame? How much loss of business can the company sustain?

If you do not have a well prepared, documented and tested business continuity plan, you might be taking a risk bigger than you can imagine.

It is now becoming common practice for authorities and regulators to request a tried and tested BCP as part of application requirements.


IT Audit & Internal Audit

There are many organizations that believe that their systems are safe and that employees are following the procedures that management has set out for them. Unfortunately, this is not often the case and management does not realize that things are not quite as they seemed until something goes wrong. By then it is too late and the damage has been done.

Kyte can assist you in identifying control gaps in your systems and procedures by reviewing them and comparing them with best practice so that the risks of something potentially going wrong is mitigated. Kyte can carry out a specific audit of only your IT systems and/or your operational procedures as a one off assignment. Alternatively, Kyte can be engaged to develop and implement an Internal Audit plan which would ensure that your organization is constantly being assessed for new risks and in a position to implement the necessary controls in a timely manner to mitigate such risks.

Kyte is proud to be an outsourced partner to a number of local audit firms who utilize our services for giving the financial auditor the assurance on the controls in and around IT systems.


IT Consultancy

We can also provide customers with IT consultancy services and recommend technical solutions on software, hardware and networking based on best practice and industry standards. We can also provide you with sourcing and outsourcing arrangement through our network of partners.

Security Testing

Kyte is also in a position to offer vulnerability scanning services as well as Attack and Penetration testing on your inside or external facing servers. We have provided such services to a number of high profile customers which are wholly dependent on their information systems. Whilst vulnerability scanning involves a fully automated process, which can be configured to match the scope of your network, penetration testing involves a combination of both manual and automated techniques. A penetration test attempts to carry out an analysis of your infrastructure just like a hacker would. We are in a position to provide black box and white box testing as well as internal and external testing.

 Another service we can provide is Web Application Scanning, which is an automated test specifically targeted for application vulnerabilities. This test is based on a small subscription charge and allows you to conduct unlimited tests on your application, a valuable resource for your developers.


Refer also to our PCI DSS service line.

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