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Latest Articles

Limiting the scope reduces the complexity

Very often we find that companies are somewhat lost when they find out they have to comply with PCI. Compliance is by no means a trivial effort. Trevor Axiak, Director at Kyte Consultants Limited explains that experience shows us that usually all it takes is a little push in the right... Read More

European Parliament adopts Online Gambling Resolution

1.      Why is this resolution of interest to Kyte Consultants?    Kyte’s focus and expertise is in remote gaming. Any resolution that would damage the local gaming industry would have a negative affect on a number of companies whose main customers... Read More

Protecting Whilst Sharing - Is it Possible?

Understanding Data   What data is and how it is captured and created is essential to understanding an asset before one can design the required protection for it. Data is captured and created in various ways and at various points in a network. Today data is captured through... Read More

Malta: The story of sucess

Bio:   Standfirst: Achieving success in this industry is one thing - maintaining it is quite another. Alan Alden of the Malta Remote Gaming Council reflects on Malta’s accomplishments so far and what a change of government will mean for the industry going forward... Read More

The license renewal process

   Bio:   Standfirst: Malta’s egaming industry has evolved over the last decade and so has the license renewal process for operators. Alan Alden of Kyte Consultants talk s to eGaming Review about some of these changes   As with any... Read More