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VAT vs Gaming Operators

  In this article, we shall be reviewing certain aspects of the VAT legislation currently in force in Malta, the impact these may have on operators working in the industry and the obligations of such operators in relation to VAT compliance.   Background VAT... Read More

LGA have updated the remote gaming license process

The LGA have updated the remote gaming license process as well as the certification review process. Are you aware of such changes? Can you meet the new requirements? Contact us for more information. Read More

Is your credit card data security up to PCI DSS standard?

If one had to ask IT managers whether the credit card data stored or processed by the systems they manage is secure, one would get an unequivocal ‘yes’. They would most probably go on about what state of the art technology is employed to secure credit card data, encryption... Read More

The challenges in obtaining a remote gaming license in Malta

  Malta has fast become one of the most successful jurisdictions in the remote gaming industry. Being the first EU country to have specific regulations to govern the industry has led to numerous operators deciding to set up shop in Malta. In a way, Malta has also become a victim of... Read More

The Implications of handling Credit Card Data

Credit card fraud has always been a major cause for concern for the Card Brands (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, etc); with fraud figures running into billions per annum who can blame them!!   Credit card details are stolen from credit card holders in all sorts of... Read More