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(News) PCI 2014 Europe Community Meeting

Kyte Consultants Ltd will be attending the PCI 2014 Europe Community Meeting in Berlin from the 7th to 9th October 2014. Read More

(News) eGR B2B Awards 2014

Kyte Consultants Ltd has been nominated  for an award in the 2014 eGR B2B Awards. Kyte will be competing against three other service providers in the Corporate Services Provider category.  This year's Awards winners will be announced on Tuesday 17 June... Read More

Is Malta still an attractive jurisdiction?

Without any shadow of a doubt, Malta became the envy of the rest of Europe if not the world, as it grew and developed the remote gaming industry over the past 14 years. The Remote Gaming Regulations of 2004 allowed online operators to operate all over the world in a regulated manner and to... Read More

Remote Gaming related risks

As the remote gaming industry continues to develop and mature so too does the understanding of the complexities involved in running an online gaming operation and the various models adopted and new ones developing. New products are also being researched and developed as competitors try to... Read More

Poker Networks - The future of poker and poker networks

Online Poker was originally introduced in the mid 1990’s and saw steady growth with an upsurge in popularity between 2009 -2011 as new markets developed. However, the past few years have seen the growth in the popularity of online poker level off whilst in a number of markets a... Read More