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Kyte is proud to announce that it will be organising its second annual InfoSecurity Conference “RegTech: Emerging Threats and Trends”. Trevor Axiak CEO of Kyte said: “We are bringing together many knowledgeable and experienced speakers with different backgrounds who will be sharing with us some thought-provoking and valuable presentations. We are attracting over 100+ attendees from various industries, ensuring great opportunities for networking too. We have chosen Kyiv again for this event not by coincidence but because Ukraine is a very important market for Kyte. Our expansion in the CIS region over the past 2 years has been significant and our Ukrainian office has now become of great strategic importance to us.”

This conference is suitable for all CEO, Heads and Managers of IT and InfoSecurity Departments as a variety of topics including GDPR, cryptocurrency, card and cashless security, fraud-monitoring and pen testing. We will discuss the latest innovations, trends and practices and we will answer some key questions like;

  • Do you know requirements for companies who borrow micro-credits through internet?
  • How do you protect yourself from external threats and malicious actions of your own employees?
  • How do you strike a balance between innovation, user friendliness, security and compliance and the necessary standards?
  • Have you heard about first crypto-currency exchange in Ukraine?

All this will take place on the 18th September, in a relaxed atmosphere with interesting discussions, practical presentations, food and drink and plenty of networking opportunities. Make sure you attend and get great insights into the latest of cybersecurity!


Please visit for further information.


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