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...Qualified Security Assessors (PCI DSS)
...Certified Information Security Auditors (CISA)
...Approved System/Compliance Auditors (MGA)
...Qualified ISO27001:2013 Lead Auditors

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Our Team

Mr. Alan Alden - Director
Mr. Alan Alden - Director
Mr. Trevor Axiak - Director
Mr. Trevor Axiak - Director

Alan Alden



Alan began his career as a banker in 1979 and later developed into an Information Systems Auditor and led the bank’s IT Audit section. In 2000 he left to join Deloitte, where he set up the Enterprise Risk Services department. In 2000 he also began assisting and advising the first remote gaming companies to come to Malta, and continued to specialise in this field.


In 2006 Alan, together with his now-business partner Trevor, decided to take their destiny into their own hands by forming Kyte Consultants Ltd, specialising in the remote gaming and the payment card industry. Contact Advisory Services was the brainchild of Kyte Consultants and Gaming Consulting and today it offers their clients a complete service from one trustworthy organisation.


Additionally, Alan is the current General Secretary of the Malta Remote Gaming Council. 


Trevor Axiak

B.Sc. (Hons) IT, CISA, SSCP, QSA


Trevor graduated from the University of Malta in 1999 with a degree in Information Technology. As he developed his technical background, he was first employed as a network administrator before joining Deloitte in 2001 to work as an IT auditor, which simultaneously launched his career in consulting. He was involved in numerous IT audit assignments as well as consulting projects for various clients in different industry sectors.


At the age of 29, Trevor set up Kyte Consultants Ltd with his business partner Alan, before co-launching Contact Advisory Services in 2009. He is a very hands-on, experienced individual and a point of reference for many of his clients. Trevor is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, a Qualified Security Assessor for PCI DSS and holds other Information Security qualifications.



Business Development Manager

Vivian Duff

Vivian is responsible for the sales and marketing function of the company



The IT Audit Team

Brian Attard, James Azzopardi, Kevin Campbell and Victoria Salang.


Kyte Consultants employs only qualified personnel and ensure that all projects are carried out by the qualified and experienced employees and not simply signed off by a qualified or senior person. All IT Auditors are qualified and have been approved by the Gaming Authority to lead and/or to assist in Compliance Audits on behalf of the same Authority.