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...Qualified Security Assessors (PCI DSS)
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...Approved System/Compliance Auditors (MGA)
...Qualified ISO27001:2013 Lead Auditors

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About Kyte

Kyte Consultants Ltd was incorporated in 2006 under the Laws of Malta with registration number C 39922. Its Directors, Alan Alden and Trevor Axiak, wanted to fill in a gap they identified namely in Information and Communications Technology related risk management services. Although a relatively new company, its management and staff possess all the necessary qualifications and experience to provide a wide range of advisory services to companies heavily reliant on information and communications technologies to achieve their business objectives.

Kyte Consultants is accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority of Malta as System and Compliance Auditors, to review the operations of remote gaming operators for the purposes of being granted a full remote gaming license. 

Kyte is also the only validated Qualified Security Assessor Company (for PCI DSS) in Malta to carry out certification reviews of merchants and service providers who process, transmit or store credit card data to ensure they comply with the Data Security Standards.

Another unique service Kyte is offering is Anti-Money Laundering advisory services and training. With the regulations now affecting a number of professionals and companies it has become imperative that they find someone who can assist them in complying with their statutory obligations.

Alan and Trevor worked as risk management consultants with Deloitte for 6 years where they had continued to develop their risk management skills. Their continued involvement in the Remote Gaming Industry, Financial and Banking environments as well as other complex and challenging projects has given them knowledge and expertise which is hard to match by any other professional service provider.


Kyte Consultants has established strategic partnerships with key service providers in order to better provide customers with all the services and assistance they require to support and grow their business.